News + Release Schedule

Hi everyone!

New month is here, which means new, exciting things are here too!

Firstly, I’d like to announce my print battle map poster shop! There are several of my battle maps available for print! You can find it here –>

If you don’t see a map you want in print in the shop, please request it either here, or on Discord (Discord invite here –> ).

Additionally I am toying around with printed poster maps as rewards for certain (or even all tiers), but that requires me to figure out a lot of logistics on the backend, and will take time.

Secondly, this month you are to expect: 4 full releases, 3 or 4 encounters, an animated battle map, and of course Foundry map modules for the Platinum and Diamond Tiers! And here is the paid release schedule:

April 10th

April 16th

April 23rd

April 30th

Hope you all are doing well!

Check it out!