Magical Mishap E28093 5E Encounter

Isn’t it adorable? Wrong! It’s an unstable magical ooze!

Challenge the players with an unpredictable and volatile spellwarped ooze with unique abilities thatE28099ll confound spellcasters and create random magical effects!

This exciting 5E encounter is designed for the 2nd-8th-level characters, takes place in an urban setting, and features a unique take on D&D 5EE28099s beloved ooze!

This Urban Encounter Includes:

  • Street Encounter Map (23×17)
  • Spellwarped Ooze (CR 5)
  • Raw Magic Potion (Uncommon)

We hope you’ll enjoy this oozing fun!

PS. We do not recommend keeping the ooze as a pet.

Check it out!