Sorcerous Origins & Metamagics v2.0.0 – Public Release!

Hello everyone, excited to post a rather large update for the Sorcerer as presented in the PlayerE28099s Handbook! (No, these arenE28099t for the Alternate Sorcerer – you can find that here:

IE28099ve always though the Sorcerer had one of the coolest themes of any class in the PlayerE28099s Handbook, I mean what is cooler then being a literal arcane battery? Included in this Compendium of everything Sorcerer are 12 new Sorcerous Origins, 22 new Metamagic Options, and Origin Spells for every official subclass!

As always, IE28099m open to any constructive criticisms or suggestions you may have


The Chained (NEW). Play as a former Otherworldly Eldritch horror reduced to mortal form with access to the Warlock spell list

Divine Right (Updated). Wield the power of divine leadership!

Emberheart (Updated). Burn you foes with the flames of this updated version of the old UA Phoenix Sorcery subclass!

Faeblood (Updated). Channel the whimsical magic of the Feywild with access to the Bard spell list!

Greensinger (NEW). Wield the wondrous power of primal nature magic with access to the Druid spell list!

Hellspawn (NEW). Channel the chaotic power of the Abyss with this Sorcerous equivalent to the Bladesinger Wizard subclass!

Ironmonger (NEW). Wield the magic of iron and warfare to devastate your foes with this martial subclass for the Sorcerer!

Stoneblood (Updated). An updated melee option of the old UA Stone Sorcery that wields the unyielding magic of elemental earth!

Stormsoul (Updated). A buffed up version of the Storm Sorcery Origin to match the three other elemental origins here.

Vampiric Soul (NEW). How is this not a thing that came out in the Ravenloft book? Interested in feedback on this one as IE28099m trying out a system for Blood Magic!

Voidwielder (NEW). Channel the entropic power of the Void to destroy everything with this inverse subclass to the Bard College of Creation!

Waveborn (Updated). An updated version of the old UA Sea Sorcery option. Channel the frigid power of the oceans and waters!


Too many to go over individually, but I originally developed these for my Alternate Sorcerer, so I figured IE28099d E2809CtranslateE2809D them for those that use the PHB Sorcerer.

Would love to hear your feedback!


With the Sorcerous Origins presented in *TashaE28099s Cauldron of Everything*, itE28099s pretty clear that *WotC* thinks Origin Spell Lists are the way to go, so I took the liberty of developing some for all the other official subclasses – including half lists for each option for Draconic Bloodline Sorcerers (including the Gem Dragons from *FizbanE28099s*!!)

Check it out!