May’s MotM Preview – Cemetery of St Caligo in the Swamp

Hey everyone,

We’re on to the next set of maps – and here’s your next MotM

Cemetery of St Caligo of the Swamp is a 30×60 map featuring a long forgotten graveyard in a misty, swampy forest. The mausolea contain a few tombs, except for one which is occupied by the strange gravedigger who lives here.

There’s an interior version, as well as rooftop overlays.C2A0

The three variants of this are night, jungle and spring-glade.

Alt Version

We want to hear your suggestions for an alt-version of this map. How could we change it to make it into something different? What else could be here? Is there a different environment that would work?

Remember, your idea should be a fantasy theme, and also be an alt of this map, rather than something entirely new. Put your ideas in the comments and we’ll pick our favourites. We’ll then put a poll together and you can decide a winner!

Check it out!