New Spotify Playlist: DnD Underwater

Underwater music rules. My favorite tracks in video games are often the tunes that play for the absolute most miserable levels, because those jazzy / ambient / arpeggiated soundscapes are just so my speed. Underwater adventures in RPG also rule! You gotta play a bit fast and loose with the rules in 5e to make it fun, but the deep unknown is a GREAT place for forgotten cities, creepy-ass dungeons, or unusual merfolk encounters.C2A0

For all of your underwater needs, I’ve got (you guessed it) DnD Underwater, a brand new Spotify playlist of moody, ambient, deep sea explorations. This playlist has a mix of organic and synthetic sounds: lots of slow strings, but also synth pads and ambiguous meandering woodwind sounds. It’s mostly calm, but there is some dissonant tension in there as well. Broadly speaking, I think this will work for most underwater adventuring (e.g. hanging out in cities, exploring the seafloor, dungeoneering), but you’ll want to swap it out in combat.

I’ve added this playlist to my master Spotify Playlist post. Speaking of which: if you haven’t checked out my whole range of playlists, definitely consider giving them a listen! While I think the Music d20 tracks on my playlists are quite good, I also would lose my mind if I had to only listen to Will Savino originals. There’s lots of cool stuff on these playlists that are worth your attention!

Check it out!