Ranger Archetype: Suncaller

Inspired by Hank the Ranger in the D&D cartoon and drawing on the idea of both the healing and destroying power of sunlight, this ranger subclass gets a few new spell options and can call on radiant magic to battle foes and aid allies.

Just don’t expect to be able to hide in the dark while using some of the abilities you get from this. 🙂

Also, it’s a subclass for regular rangers, rather than for anyone’s particular version of revised rangers.

For roleplaying, there’s a lot of options to link to sunlight. For example, you could say that your hunter’s mark forms a glowing sun target that only you can see that gives a boost to damage, or the target leaves slightly glowing footprints that only you can see/follow (to explain the bonus to tracking them). Maybe your ranger develops a tan as they use their abilities more often. A helpful Suncaller could even aid their party member that suffers from seasonal affective disorder by providing sunlight in the depths of winter.

Check it out!