Work in progress preview for May!

North African Horse archers (the two on the side are finished, the middle rider is about 90% complete. C2A0As usual bows and arrows will be separate for 28mm!C2A0

I’ll still be bouncing back and forth between the Christians and Moors. C2A0There are still 2 more troop types for the Christians that I want to make before progressing forward in the time period into the mid/late 12th century (for a short time) and then into the 13th century. C2A0One of them can be used accurately till, apparently, all the way into the 14th century, staff slingers! C2A0

So soon you all will see the appearance of the Military Order models. The earliest Military order in the Iberian Peninsula was in what was then the county of Portugal. The knights were called the “Friars of Santa Maria of C389vora” (later, Knights of AvC3ADs), established in 1146. Shortly after, in the Spanish kingdom of Castile, the Order of Calatrava, then the Order of Santiago, and the Order of AlcC3A1ntara (and much later, due to the disbandment of the Templars, the Knights of Montesa). C2A0C2A0C2A0

The Knights Templar were established on the Iberian Peninsula as early as 1128 thanks to the Countess of Portugal, but were most heavily present in the county and later the Kingdom of Portugal, and in the Spanish Kingdom of Aragon. C2A0So the famous “Spanish” Military Orders were predominantly Castilian, though they had a presence in many other kingdoms, in Iberia and elsewhere in Europe as well.C2A0

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