The Forgotten Temple of Nine Eyes

Each month, weE28099ll revisit a (Patron-voted) old series of choice to make a brand new sequel for it. This month itE28099s time to discover treasure or the truth slithering about The Forgotten Temple of Nine Eyes!

This was actually one of our first ever series and weE28099re really excited to see its continuation.

HereE28099s the fourth part.

The search for these ancient, long-forgotten ruins remains a daunting task. Tucked away in one of the deepest, most dangerous parts of human forests, the temple lies for centuries undisturbed and hidden from prying eyes and thieving hands.

Even a hint toward its whereabouts piques the interest of manyE28094those of a bold and adventurous type, and those who creep and crawl from under a tavernE28099s crooked planks to pick up any whispers of its location. Mortals and those beyond the living all want a piece of the Forgotten Temple, E2809Cas for he who finds it will find with it an insurmountable amount of treasure.E2809D Or soE280A6 the folklore states.

And maybe just as forgotten as the temple itself, the tale now only represents a half-truth. As the second part goes: E2809CBut he who finds himself greedy for that which shimmers, be wary of the dangers lurking with nine eyes.E2809D

~ WeE28099re hoping you enjoy these maps as much as we like making them. Stay tuned for part five later this month!

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