Coming Soon: Content Package 15

Hey everyone,

I hope you’ve been enjoying all of the material from the content packages so far! I thought I’d take a minute to talk about what we have in the works for this month’s package.

Content Package 15: Coming Soon

Package #15 will include material from the Dolmenwood Campaign Book and the Dolmenwood Monster Book. Tentatively, it’s looking like the following will be included:

  • More monsters: I’ve unexpectedly gone on a bit of a monsters binge this month. There’s going to be at least a dozen monster write-ups (with illustrations!) in this month’s package, taking us over the 50% complete mark for the Dolmenwood Monster Book.
  • Monstrous miscellany: As part of my monster binge, I’ve also started working on a few odds and ends in the Monster Book: the 2 page description of the monster stat blocks, a list of monsters by type (e.g. animals, fairies, undead, etc.), a list of monsters by Hit Dice. The latter two lists will be very handy for people creating their own adventures set in Dolmenwood, and will include all Dolmenwood monsters plus all standard Old-School Essentials monsters recommended for use in Dolmenwood.
  • Meagre’s Reach: A work-in-progress version of the village of Meagre’s Reach was published in content package 13. This settlement write-up has now been finished, so the full version will be included this month.
  • High-Hankle intro: Similarly to Meagre’s Reach in package 13, I’ve got a work-in-progress write-up of High-Hankle which is unlikely to be finished this month. I’ll at least send out the intro and map sketch, though, and will then send out the finished write-up in a future content package (hopefully next month). At that point the write-ups of all 12 settlements in Dolmenwood will be complete! (That’s a big 64 page section of the Campaign Book!)
  • Extra bonus sages!: I’ve recently been going over some high-level lists of things that I want to include in Dolmenwood, for example a list of all the NPC magic-users, a list of all herbs & fungi, etc. One thing that stood out to me is that we only have 1 sage so far (Philontimus the Wizened, in Odd). Sages are great NPCs to have scattered around for adventurers to consult with, so I’ve decided to add some more. This month, I’ve added Farnham Ribblemead (expert on ancient languages) in Lankshorn and Lorrima Gravesby (expert on monsters) in Meagre’s Reach. I’ll send out an updated Lankshorn PDF, including the new NPC.
  • Hexes: As I mentioned, my focus this month is mostly on the Monster Book, so there won’t be a big batch of hexes this month. Hoping to include at least a handful, though, probably in the Table Downs to the north of Dolmenwood.

Art Preview

And just for fun, here’s a little preview of some art, by Chris Huth, from the Dolmenwood Campaign Book. This depicts the Nag-Lord, AtanuwC3AB, basking in the worship of minions in its Court of Chaos.

All For Now

I’m very excited to share all this new material with you all!

Gavin / Moss Master

Check it out!