Map Contest Voting!

Update: 4 hours left to vote! Come cast your ballot if you haven’t yet, looks like we’ve got a neck-and-neck tie between two big maps!

Hey folks! Last month as part of our 5-year celebration we hosted a mapmaking contest! I took some time and have since browsed through them to pick my “personal” favorite, but now that submissions have closed it’s due time for the publicly chosen winner as well!

Reminder that the winner of this voting (as determined purely by whomever has the highest number of votes in the “poll” below) will be gifted a free asset pack commission from yours truly. Voters may only pick a single map and the names of the options below correspond with the titles of the map files within the ZIP download link. Voting will end 3 days after the publishing of this poll at 12:00 PM, April 11th EST.

Please download the link, appreciate the contributions, and vote for your favorite! Thank you for participating!

Check it out!