Sewer Hideout – The Butcher’s Boys, a Free Dungeon Adventure

Some of you may recognize this one.

The Butcher’s Boys is a dungeon adventure we released about two years ago. C2A0The map that came with it was a quick, blocky map purely for layout and we decided to go back and give the adventure the proper map it deserves.

The original dungeon document was released for free for all of our $3 Patrons but for this new map it will be included at every tier! C2A0

Since our $3 Patrons could already download this dungeon, we are including a few extra variants as a whole for this map along with two additional variants exclusive to the tier.

You can find the PDF for the dungeon included in your download. C2A0

We hope you enjoy the map!

$1 Rewards – Sewer Hideout + Flooded VariantC2A0

$2 Rewards – Rumor Rewards + Arcane Circle + ProplessC2A0

$3 Rewards – Sewer Hideout Complete SetC2A0

Thanks for your support!

Check it out!