Thestwick 04 – Irredeemable

Welcome all to the final release of Thestwick-on-Alderham! We’re so pleased with how this city came together, and we’re thrilled to go out with a bang. This release brings you more bonus content, a satisfying conclusion to the monster hunt, and a full map to explore. We will be releasing the “Definitive Edition” of Thestwick sometime in the next month or so, so if you’d rather until you have Foundry integration and the fully stitched map / PDF, then sit tight! In the meantime, you’ve still got plenty of maps, music, and bonus content to enjoy. Here’s a sneak peek of the whole city with all of our bonus maps:

We’ve also gotten a few questions about Crabwell Definitive Edition. We’re throwing together one final piece of bonus content for that release, so it should be ready imminently! We’re incredibly grateful for your patience. So, on with the release!

Borough Guide

This final borough guide concerns Lady Mabel’s cottage (full, of course, with secrets), the knights and squires she brought with her to the fen, and the drowned bodies that are starting to resurface as the fen dries. However, much of this document concerns the final of Lord Fandry’s marks: Sir Ranulf Nanbury, the knight who stalks Thestwick Watch. If your players think they already have a handle on Thestwick and its supernatural creatures, they’re in for a big surprise with Sir Ranulf. His lair is large and well defended, and he is likely to be far less sympathetic than the rest of the quartet.


The southeastern corner of Thestwick is dominated by the massive fallen tower that crashed into the city from the adjacent keep. As it only recently collapsed, Thestwick’s residents are still struggling to figure out how to handle the massive structure. With this final map, the city of Thestwick is now complete! Peep how we went from rough sketch to full city below.

Beyond the tower lies Lady Mabel’s cottage, a small pocket of comfort and luxury in the otherwise rustic bog village. Patrons at the Chief Courier tier or higher can access the entirety of Lady Mable’s cottage, perfect for conniving parties who want dirt on the duchess.


If your adventurers are going to slay four supernatural beings, they’re going to need more combat music. “Revenant Knight” is your climactic track for a duel with the bloodthirsty Sir Ranulf. Unlike “Kill Bulgreck” with its atonal dissonances and big fat frame drums, “Revenant Knight” is much more stately with its tubular bells, counterpoint, and military snares. This villain was once a noble knight. Is there anything remaining beneath his undead exterior?

Of course, that track only works for the duel itself. As the party explores Thestwick Watch, they’ll need something moodier and less intense. The organ solo variant is perfect for slow and methodical dungeoneering.

Thestwick Watch | Collaboration with Tom Cartos

We’re really bringing out the heavy hitters for Thestwick. We’ve gotten map maker extraordinaire Tom Cartos to contribute an exceedingly dense and detailed map of Thestwick Watch for you all. This multi-layer dungeon makes for the perfect finale for your Alderham Fen adventures. Your players will love exploring every room of this crumbling garrison as they try to find the legendary villain who resides within.

As amazing as this map is, it’s still only half the story! Get access to a nighttime variant, a detailed summary of each of the keep’s rooms, and an (upcoming) “un-ruined” variant only at Tom’s Patreon. It really is staggering how much content there is for just this one map. Show Tom some love!

Untiring Knight | Collaboration with The Fluffy Folio

It wouldn’t be a Thestwick release without another collaboration with The Fluffy Folio! This week, Fluffy brings you creepy new art and a clever statblock for Sir Ranulf, the undead knight who defends Thestwick Watch. This guy hits hard, and Fluffy’s take on Mythic Actions will provide a surprising and challenging fight for your party.C2A0

Check it out!