Who can challenge the despicable Spirits from Beyond!

Traveler! It has been two decades since all the Bundaro were murdered. All the members of their family rest in a crypt on the outskirts of town. Everyone there ignores the evil Grahams plotted against the wealthy Bundaro to keep them from earning more political power and influence. But the time has come for the truth to come to light. The dead in the crypt have returned to the world of the living after cave-ins, underground dwellers, and even some drow came and disturbed them.

The dead reform even after being defeated. Someone must go into the crypt and solve the problem from its root. People are scared, though. Many guards have lost their lives protecting the townsfolk. They cannot hold much longer so they require and hire external help. The heroes that decide to help soon learn that the drow elves from underground also want the undead gone. Working together could be an option if they play their cards right. Will the Grahams pay for their crimes against the Bundaro two decades ago?C2A0

This is a level 5 adventure with a bit of exploration, dungeon-crawling for fights and treasure, and the opportunity to save a settlement from the relentless undead! Here’s a low-def preview of this illustration:

Here’s a close-up of the crypt’s underground chapel. The undying abominations have returned from beyond the veil and cannot control themselves. They are dangerous to the surface settlement but also to an underground drow town.

The entrance lobby features rows of intricate statues that feature funerary niches in their stone bases. Some of the bodily remains here have been subject to the necromancy aura that reanimates all undead!

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