Arcane Tradition: School of the Flame

There are wizards that like their fireball spell, and then there are wizards that have a deep, fundamental knowledge of the nature of fire itself.

This subclass is more focused than the School of Evocation and offers more control of fire than an evoker could ever have.

This subclass has been renamed.C2A0

I was going to comment on all the homebrew wizard subclasses people make ending in -mancy, thought of this one I’d made back in 2020, and decided to look up what pyromancy really is..2Ewhich is a type of divination using fire. C2A0So, this one now has a new name.

Now, who’s going to break it to all those necromancers out there that the only real necromancy spell in D&D is speak with dead?

Updated 2022-04-12:

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