Crabwell: Definitive Edition

Hi all!

Thanks so much for your patience! We’re finally ready to unveil the Definitive Edition of Crabwell. This includes some new content, some bonus content (!), and some slight tweaks to old content. A summary follows!

1. Patrons at the General Messenger and Chief Courier tier can now download the Definitive Edition Borough Guide! There’s now a table of contents, a few errors have been fixed, and (most importantly) the whole document is now one big 52-page PDF. You can grab the Definitive Edition PDF via this link.

2. All patrons can download the full suite of Crabwell VTT Tokens via this link.

3. The Crabwell Foundry module is completed! The whole city is implemented, internals maps are in place (though we’ve implemented them a bit differently this time around), and music + PDF are all ready to use as well. Patrons at the Chief Courier tier can grab the Crabwell Foundry Module via the Chief Courier Master Post.

4. We’ve got high-res maps of the whole town that are ungridded, seamless, and magnificent. In fact, we’ve got three versions: one with the Omniphone present, one without, and destruction variant for epic battles or sieges, though this final version is only available for General Messenger patrons and above. Grab the links here: with omniphone, without omniphone, destruction.

5. We’ve got a fun little cheat sheet for Crabwell! Our buddy PMal of Papelchemy made these wonderful quick reference guides that GMs can use to easily keep track of who and what is where in the city of the eternal voice. This make remembering the gods, the government, and NPC names way simpler than leafing through the giant borough guide over and over. Grab the links here: page 1 and page 2. If you’ve got a color printer, print them out for super easy reference.

Check it out!