Dwarf Hammer Warrior from Dragon&x27;s Forge Minis!

Greetings Heroes & Heroines!
Dwarfs are tend to dug deep to find treasures but in some cases the find places that should left uncovered….like Ancient Tombs!

Dragon’s Forge Minis
have reached out to offer a FREE dwarf miniature as a welcome gift to all of our Patrons from their current Kickstarter campaign “Karvenheim: Stonebreaker Dwarf Town”!
Their Kickstarter campaign includes dwarf army miniatures, townsfolk miniatures and modular terrain!
3 Days left before the campaign ends!
Visit the Kickstarter page here to find out more.

The Hammer Dwarf miniature files are located at this month’s SYNC Shared folder, under the “CrossPromo” folder.
Access to the SYCN Shared folder found at this pinned post.

Have fun & happy printing!
~ Crippled God Foundry Team ~

Check it out!