Page oE28099 Little Ruins

While I was drawing the various ruins maps that were posted last month, occasionally I would get an idea of a piece that wasE280A6 small. I collected these three smaller pieces together and stuck them onto a single page for release today. Kind of a final clean up on MarchE28099s production maps.

We have a small dome-type structure (like a big stone gazebo practically) on the upper left. Probably a shrine at one point, or a memorial to someone important-ish2E Below that we have the remnants of20a larger multi-chambered structure that has completely fallen into ruin so only some of the walls remain without any roof at all. In the centre of this space is a large statue, so again likely a religious site or a memorial of some kind. Finally, on the right, we have an obvious church / temple structure in the middle with two detached E2809CwingsE2809D that have fallen into greater ruin than the central structure and are slowly being reclaimed by the forest.

These are all excellent destinations for old treasure maps indicating where a specific loose stone can be moved to find an old cache. Or just structures you run across while exploring the forests as reminders that many other civilizations have existed here before. The dome structure is probably intact enough that some creature is using it as temporary shelter (or perhaps an Ogre Mage has been cursed to exist there). The lower left structure is just twisting enough that a down-on-his-luck minotaur could take up residence there, adding wicker horns to the central statue and setting noisy traps at the entrancesE280A6 And of course the ruins of an old church certainly hide some lost knowledge or a way to contact a forgotten deity.

Check it out!