Sabras Port (36×48)

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Hey everyone! Let me present to you Sabras port, the second map for the Ports & Harbours theme.

Sabras is the northern most city of the Archduchy of Sovar, though only since a couple of years ago when it was conquered from the Kingdom of Rasfadal. Sabras is an important trade port along the northern coast of Wordal and has a well respected harbor.

Since the city changed hands all sorts of new regulations have replaced old ones. For a while this caused confusion and then a change in power, favoring those who found it easiest to adapt. Many new businesses have stepped in and replaced the old ones that had a hard time adjusting to the new authority.C2A0

Particularly the dock district has seen some changes. The Archduke prioritized the import of exotic spices from the south over the goods that the king of Rasfadal used to trade with the Lords of Olorlay. This brought a whole new group of traders to the city and some merchant families with connections to the north saw their influence in the city dwindle quickly.

Now the district is roughly split between those who wish to reestablish old trade routes and those who favor the newer ones.C2A0

Released under CC BY-NC 4.0 license.

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