Heliana’s Tokens pt.2: Tar-rasque Abominations

Today’s post is the next in line to a series of contributions I was brought on to make to Heliana’s Guide to Monster Hunting. Just a few days ago I shared with you the first, the Tavern Mimics. The second here, the Tar-rasque Abominations, features a set of 5 tokens, including my 2nd ever gargantuan token, the Tar-rasque.C2A0

These enemies are found within one of the module’s many monster hunts, based on the premise of a misguided archeological dig, unearthing a corruptive, tar-like element that has possessed the bones of the creatures’ remains as well as those of the archeologists themselves. The statblocks for these is in the final refinement stages currently, but is due to be wrapped up for the book very soon–I’ll update this post and notify you all once they’re available.

In all of them I did slight reworks re-flavoring the tar as a magma-like substance for versatility’s sake and in the case of the Mining Suit and Archeologist I have a non-tar version and a version of the archeologist where they are not wielding a firearm.C2A0

Check it out!