Heliana’s Tokens pt.4: Friends & Fiends

The next set of tokens for Heliana’s Guide to Monster Hunting that I’ve been collaborating on for the last couple of months is ready for release and it is full of cats! (and maybe the most densely detailed Large token I’ve made to date).

This particular adventure within the module focuses on the influence of the original pygmy rakshasa on the area and they way they’ve infiltrated various humanoid handlers, thereby obfuscating their location and vulnerabilities. Once discovered however, they’ll have the likes of that imposing Mummified Immortal to deal with. The full details and statblocks for each of these creatures can be found in the PDF below.

As always, each of these tokens arrive with or without a shadow and in most cases, some kind of functional or visual variant (I took the liberty of separating the Fiendcat swarm into individual tokens too for those of you who may find that useful).

Check it out!