Is it true or fable? Find the location of the Well of Dreams!

Traveler! A renowned alchemist hires the adventuring party to escort him to an ancient dwarven ruin where a powerful artifact is said to be hidden. The dwarven compound is located in the depths of a mountain range after a 6-mile-long tunnel. When the characters arrive, they find that the place has mostly resisted the passage of time and the erosion after ages of disrepair.

The mater artisan dwarves that created the artifact gave their lives during its fabrication. A dear cost that would dictate the nature of the strange well to future users. These guardians remain in the dungeon, their life force turned into an eternal safeguard of the Well of Dreams. After dealing with them, the characters have access to the fabled well. It gives them access to the multiverse and ways around the cosmos. Using it for selfish motives does come with a cost, as the alchemist they have escorted may soon find out…

This is a level 5 adventure with a bit of exploration, dungeon-crawling for fights and treasure, and contact with an artifact of yore. A repository of ancient power! Here’s a low-def preview of this illustration:

Here’s a close-up of the Well of Dreams’ chamber. By activating the artifact, the operator has access to remote locations. One can spell out its desire to the well and it will comply. However, only selfless actions are performed without consequence.

Two adjoining chambers, near the Well of Dreams, contain strange rune-scribed stone circles that can be used to attune the well to a particular goal, person, or plane of existence. A person versed in magic must use these devices for the proper operation of the well.

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