The Frogsmead Inn & Tavern

A fairly well-off inn & tavern in Vestfold, the FrogsmeadE28099s name hints at the older cults of the region E28093 namely the Temple of the Frog that remains hidden in the swamps somewhere in the area of the city. Despite the name (which combined with the location will probably throw old school players into paranoid conspiracy spirals), the Frogsmead Inn & Tavern is not associated with these cults E28093 merely named for the location of the city on the edge of the Great Dismal Swamp.

The Frogsmead is a two-story structure with a large stone E2809CpatioE2809D that remains unfurnished (because the few times that tables and chairs were bought for it, they started disappearing pretty quickly) but popular on warm summer nights as customers take their drinks outside to enjoy the air and company.

The main level is home to the tavern, the kitchen, and Big Bill (the owner)E28099s office. A central fireplace keeps the ground floor heated in the winter and is used for cooking larger pieces of meat. Stairs lead up to the second floor where there is again a fireplace and more tables, as well as ten guest rooms.

ThereE28099s a trap door in the supply room that leads into the basement of the Frogsmead which is used as storage and has a large cistern. The rest of the basement is rarely used and contains an old table, some furnishings, and a few dusty boxes of supplies. In the back of the basement is a room set up for when staff or a friend needs a place to crash or hide E28093 the room is generally damp and musty.

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