April loyalty rewards

Hello guys!

This month we’ve prepared something special for our loyal patrons as you will have twice as many rewards.

So: First you get a model of beautiful female orc Rizar, the Swamp Lily!

Then our friends from Dragon’s Forge, who are currently running their Kickstarter campaign, shared an astonishing model of the gnome lady warrior from their live campaign, and we’re very excited to show it to you!

You will receive this model if you have supported us in April and continued your subscription for May, as a special loyalty reward!

If you love the fantasy theme as much as we do, please make sure to go and check out their campaign, which is currently running on Kickstarter:


Highly detailed fantasy models forged by an experienced team with love and dedication – this is what awaits you in their project! Signum Games highly recommends!

And thank you guys from Dragon’s Forge for giving us this opportunity to share your brilliant stuff with our community!

Check it out!