In the Shaded Glade E28093 Fey Glade Encounter for D&D 5e

Troy’s got a new encounter for you today featuring mischievous fey, a large battle map, tokens, and a magical stones…

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A mischievous fey encounter with a character, magic item, and creatures with stat blocks for use in D&D 5e.

Deep C2A0in the forest is a tree that towers over the rest, marking the location C2A0of an ancient glade. This glade is a popular resting point for C2A0travelers but is also the home of a capricious fey that enjoys playing a C2A0particularly dangerous game with those that visit its clearing. While C2A0the game is usually not lethal, those who are not experienced in dealing C2A0with the twisted words of feyfolk are sure to continue their journey C2A0with several new bruises…

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