Quadrivium 1 + Legion of the Silverune

We’ve got a couple of product releases for you as we head into the weekend!C2A0

First up, for patrons who get access to games ($10+), the final (and greatly expanded) version of Quadrivium 1 is now in the reward folder! We should also mention that there are three special STLs (along with CRUX rules PDFs) that are only accessible by completing the crossword puzzle in the zine. Good luck!

Second, we’ve released the full Legion of the Silverune set to reward folders for patrons who get access to our miniature sets ($5+).

Next reward links will be going out about a week into May, so those of you who just signed up this month can expect access to this then. For those at the lower levels who want this stuff, it’s all up on our storefront, and that code we released the other day will get you 50% off.

Have a great weekend, folks!

– the Ill Gotten Games team

Check it out!