Spooky Rats are coming in May !

Hello everyone ! A year ago, a sneaky rat emerged from the dark… the SHADOW STALKERS were Born.

Finally they will have their first wave this year so you can have your own Ghost rats force.C2A0

This Force will have 3 units. The Sneaky Stabbers, the Silent Executioners C2A0and finally a Shadow King ….

The big core will be the Sneaky stabbers you can see above. They haunt every dark place and are always ready to Kill Kill anything. C2A0While some of those Spooky guys love to rip appart their foes, others use Fist Crossbows for a more clean kill !C2A0

This all new faction will be released in the shadows next month and i really hope you will love em, they are quite cute.

Have a great preview and see you next week for another cool unit !

Check it out!