Caravan Roadblock

Hey everyone!

This map is a simple concept but hopefully has a lot of uses for your campaign. Whether that be taking on a job to help out the stuck caravans or maybe looting them whilst their stuck, clear the debris out of the way and help them through the mountain pass or protect them whilst bandits try to attack them in their prone state. We definitely had some Oregon trail stuff in mind whilst making these! And of course for those that want the map without the caravans, most of the variations are without! Maybe you just want to ford a river or fight off goblins amassing on the far side. Or take a relaxing dip in the waterfall. 🙂

In other news me and Peku have been working on a ton of projects recently and if you’re curious about checking any of those out:

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There’s some more happening behind the scenes but we’re not ready to talk about those yet. 😉 For now hopefully you find some cool new content with those projects of ours!