More PT3 prototype images

WeE28099re getting closer and closer to the Kickstarter launch for Pocket-Tactics series 3. Yesterday was our first play test, and that went swimmingly. (Maybe not literally, since the water tiles didnE28099t come into play that match, but still.) This campaign should give us a ton of new content to filter to patrons getting access to games over the coming months, and weE28099ll have some X-series sets (factions that are fullly compatible but donE28099t quite fit the current theme) being released outside that structure as well, and those will come even sooner. For patrons with access to miniature sets, weE28099ll have new stuff coming in themed around the New Dominion/Wayfarer Multiverse stuff that thematically ties series 3 together. Anyway, lots more on this soon,


Check it out!