WIP May Teaser! Zigan, Budgekin Bosun

We’re making good progress on pirate collection #2! This little character was inspired by Calrais’ story about a roommate’s budgies that bullied the parrots and cockatiels out of the bird house. I absolutely love the tough-as-nails image of this gruff little bird, and hope everyone enjoys him just as much 😀

Zigan, Budgekin Bosun
A truly salty dog, Zigan was the original Bosun of The Budgerigar when it was captured. He doesnE28099t really care who gives the orders as long as he gets paid, so he agreed to stay on. Tougher than an old boot and twice as strict, his job is to keep the rowdy crew in line and on task. Even the notoriously lazy and chaotic Pyraja will step lively when he comes on deck. Considered good luck, Budgekin are always welcome on every ship, even without ZiganE28099s notable skills.

Check it out!