Arcology Corridors


Arcology Corridor – 9 x 16 [grid squares], (1260 x 2240 px)

Subway Passage – 10 x 21 [grid squares], (1400 x 2940 px)

Eat Street – 9 x 20 [grid squares], (1260 * 2800 px)

Dead End Refuse – 7 x 15 [grid squares], (980 x 2100 px)

Stairwell – 9 x 11 [grid squares], (1260 x 1540 px)

Cross Corridor – 10 x 15 [grid squares], (1400 x 2100 px)


Hey all.

Here is another continuation of the Arcology Series – E2809CArcology CorridorsE2809D!

I had initially planned and drafted only 3 corridor map layouts and presented them to the Frag Maps Discord group. But somehow, I ended up creating 6 medium sized individual maps in a 12 day span instead. I think I secretly enjoy torturing myself.

At the end of the day though, what IE28099m all about is providing as much value to you, my supporters, as possible.

Now, I know that some of you might not be a fan of the Arcology Series, but these corridor maps can easily be incorporated into any internal building combat scenario.

The next map will deviate away from the Arcology for a bit and take the fight back outdoors with E2809CThe SkybridgeE2809D. IE28099ll jump back to Arcology-related maps again next month, peppering them here and there so as to keep everybody happy.

For those of you who are new here, welcome! These corridor maps are made to work in tandem with the other Arcology Series maps. Here are some links:

Also, donE28099t forget to check the Battle Map Index page for the archive of all my battle maps.

There isnE28099t much else to say about these corridor maps as they are pretty self-explanatory. IE28099d love to hear your thoughts though! And I hope you like these.C2A0


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  • Eat Street
  • Stairwell
  • Subway Passage

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