Zzarchov Kowolski writes some of my favourite adventures for E2809Cold schoolE2809D adventuring. He releases a E28098zine every month through his Patreon and one of the ones late last year was Havenvale E28093 a small E2809Ccampaign starterE2809D location that is centred around a small community that is so aggressively dull that you are pushed out to go adventuring because thereE28099s no gold left and you canE28099t get married without gold rings, and you canE28099t be considered an adult member of the community without getting married2E

Of course, such a conservative community will also push out other members who donE28099t care about getting married but are fed up with being treated as children their whole lifeE280A6 so more than enough reason to try to escape Havenvale to look for adventure elsewhere.

I took ZzarchovE28099s original representation of Havenvale and redrew it into this. You of course can use it for whatever remote valley town you like, or you can pick up the Havenvale zine from his Patreon and see it in action (for those who backed the latest Neoclassical Geek Revival Kickstarter at the highest tier, a print copy of Havenvale with this map in it was included!)


Check it out!