How many Colored Eggs can you find in the Tavern District


There is an Egg Hunt in the Tavern District today. Some are easy to spot, while others are quite hard to pick out. How many can colored eggs you find? The winner gets free drinks at any tavern for the whole day. Cheers!

I did another Bonus Map, well its really an alternate that suits the season. Something different for your characters to experience when they revisit Tavern District. This version of the map is subtler, with a more classic look, compared to the the previous versions (hide’s the eggs better). It is [30×40] [3000x4000px / 100px grid], with an optional grid. Thank-You to all my amazing Patrons and anyone that uses my maps. Happy Gaming.

These maps were made using unique assets from Critical Concepts. Without these amazing art pieces, I could not have achieved this custom look. Be sure to check out Critical Concepts to get your own original doors, walls, room dressings and more!

Check it out!