Phrozen Deal Alert – Mighty 8K Pre-orders + Coupon

We’re pretty excited about this new Phrozen3d deal that they announced just today. Starting on April 21st, they’ll be taking pre-orders for their Mighty 8K printer, PLUS offering a $200 coupon for only $50. When you deposit $50, they’ll give you a $200 coupon towards pre-ordering the Mighty 8K, and any of the packs they have available.

But the biggest thing they’re doing is offering FREE SHIPPING to limited countries, including the USA, select European countries, Canada, UK, South Korea, and Singapore. We gave them a lot of feedback from our followers about the shipping issue, so they’ve made sure to offer some options this time. This free shipping deal is pretty big for them, and along with the coupon, will finally make their printers accessible to those living far away from Taiwan. However, keep in mind that the free shipping will be through ocean freight, meaning your order may take a long time to get to you. Still worth it, in my mind!

It’s necessary to pick a pack to complete your order, but combined with the $200 coupon, you’ll still end up saving:


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Happy Printing!

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