Dungeondraft Update!

Last month we celebrated the final conversion of the remaining library to Dungeondraft and I am very pleased to inform you that we have wasted no time in the continued upkeep and improvement of that library and have some new updates to share!

What’s New:

  • We have created “megapacks” of the available individual Dungeondraft packs. These contain the same content as the individual smaller packs, but allow a user to select/deselect them much more efficiently than having to click or navigate through the currently 82 different packs.C2A0
  • All of the previously PNG-based assets used in the Dungeondraft packs have since been converted to webp, a different file type that will allow for easier handling.
  • All assets have been upscaled! This means they all adhere to Dungeondraft’s native scaling by default at 1x size. No more having to adjust your object or path selections to 1.7x anymore!
  • All terrain have been improved, allowing them to more organically build upon one another using Dungeondraft’s terrain system. Those of you that have been using the terrains up until now will notice a significant difference.
  • New tags! We have preserved the tags differentiating individual packs (even when using the Megapacks), but have now also instituted more universal tags so that tags like “bushes” will pull up bush assets from across multiple asset packs for easier navigation.
  • General fixes of miscellaneous objects that weren’t being read correctly and the occasional colorable hiccup.

A huge thank you to user Moulk who has been instrumental in this update. You can download our Dungeondraft Handbook PDF for the latest links and organization. All of the new Dungeondraft packs are available as either Individual packs or Megapacks in compilation ZIP downloads below:

Check it out!