Enjor this awesome adventure with an isometric map!

Traveler! This is the story of a medicine man named Jimai. He was a popular healer and herbalist until the day he started having bad dreams. The nightmares turned into voices. Thousands of voices spoke inside his head. Whispering horrible things and little by little, eating his sanity. A mound of flesh and guts known as gibbering mouther is the cause of all this.

Eventually, the day came when Jimai fell under the voices’ control. He started kidnapping people and using them as food for the beast, which lives below his home. It did not take long for the authorities of nearby towns to address this problem but the squad they sent never came back. Now they seek external help. A group of valiant adventurers must go and find the truth about the herbalist and the missing people.

This is a level 5 adventure with a bit of exploration, the investigation of a dungeon under a forest cabin, and a cool isometric representation of the explored area! Here’s a low-def preview of this illustration:

Here’s a close-up of some of the forest cabin where Jimai lived before his mind was assaulted by the gibbering mouther deep below.

The aberration has given Jimai several magical tricks to protect the compound under his home with nasty traps and deadly creatures!

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