Savant & Savant Expanded v4.5.0 – Public Release!

Hello everyone! I am very excited to post a fairly major update (and expansion) to my favorite homebrew project- the Savant! After collecting over 6 months of playtest feedback from Reddit, my Patrons here, and my growing community on Discord I am happy to reveal the 4.5.0 update for the Savant!


Savant v4.5.0

  • Proficiencies // Added rapiers and scimitars
  • Starting Equipment // Moved the starting wealth option here.
  • Quick Wit // Replaced Perfect Recall. Gives you a more efficient bonus action.
  • Intellect Die // Replaced Unyielding Mind, more dice (INT + WIS mod), starts at d4.
  • Accelerated Reflexes // Moved E2809CReady action on initiativeE2809D here.
  • Potent Observation // reduced damage to 1d8 (and later 2d8)
  • Keen Awareness // Cut Ready action. Now you can use AA on initiative
  • Unyielding Will // Can expend an Intellect Die to auto-succeed when you fail. Added the ability to regain an Intellect Die on initiative when you have none.
  • Archaeologist // Adventuring Academic // Added nets and improvised weapons
  • Archaeologist // Master Archaeologist // Added magic item recharge ability.
  • Investigator // Rough & Tumble // Added expanded crit range (19-20). Removed ability to add Intellect Dice to attack rolls, replaced with a free use on a Crit.
  • Investigator // Ear to the Ground // added ThievesE28099 Cant
  • Investigator // Peerless Focus // Removed buff to Perception checks. Removed Intellect Die recharge. Added expanded crit range (18-20).
  • Investigator // Master Investigator // Gave 60 feet of modified Truesight.
  • Naturalist // Student of Nature // Removed language about E2809Cattuning to your environmentE2809D. Made it something permanent you gain by taking 1 hour.
  • Naturalist // Survivalist // Added a Cunning Artisan ability. Traps now take an action to repeat the saving throw2E
  • Naturalist // Adapt &20Overcome // Can change on a short or long rest.
  • Naturalist // Call of the Wild // Can impose disadvantage on a creature’s attempt to break out of your charm as a reaction.
  • Naturalist // Master Naturalist // Updated language to work with new features.
  • Physician // Student of Medicine // Moved E2809CRending StrikeE2809D here.
  • Physician // Combat Medic // Removed the need for targets of your Combat Medic actions to use their reaction to regain hit points, etc. Renamed Adrenaline Jolt
  • Tactician // Tactical Commander // Added the ability to spend an Intellect Die to grant the target of an Order temporary hit points.
  • Tactician // Master Tactician // Modified to work with new Tactical Commander

Savant Expanded v4.5.0

Check it out!