Dark Fey collab with Critical Crafting

Squire Rewards Map 1C2A0

Knight Rewards Map 1C2A0

Duke Rewards Map 1C2A0

Archduke Rewards Map 1C2A0

Squire Rewards Map 2C2A0

Knight Rewards Map 2C2A0

Duke Rewards Map 2C2A0

Archduke Rewards Map 2C2A0

Court of the Unseelie PDFC2A0

Hey everyone! Let me present to you the Dark Fey Lake and the Mushroom Clearing, made in a collaboration with Critical Crafting. They create some quality content, so make sure to check them out!

To accompany their April theme I made 2 maps. In addition to these maps, both including 10 variations, you also get their Acolyte tier reward for this month: 44 pages of stat blocks, a monster temple, magic items and spells!C2A0

Released under CC BY-NC 4.0 license.

Check it out!