Hypercorp Lobby (22×16)

Ever since The Matrix came out in 1999 I’ve wanted to run a lobby fight scene with Spybreak! by Propellerheads playing in the background. However, so far I haven’t ended up doing a proper battle map for this, but now there’s no more need to worry as here you have it :)C2A0

I also made some theme variants to help fit this into different scenarios and this map works great together with the recent Parking Hall and Boardroom battle maps. C2A0

This map can represent a corporate or hospital lobby, a hotel reception, or the entrance to a ruined skyscraper2E Whether you are fighting zombies or corporate agents, or you are trying to get in or out of the building this battle map can function as a great gauntlet with plenty of cover for firefights or stealth.C2A0


This map comes with a total of 20 variants divided into two themes and simplified unpropped maps. All variants come with gridded and gridless versions:

  • Corporate: No markings on the floor
  • Hospital: With a big cross-symbol on the floor
  • Unpropped: Without any additional props

Size and Format

Available File formats: JPG, WEBP, PDF

Dimensions: 22×16 squares / 3080×2240 px

Resolution: 140 pixels per square

Recommended Scale: 5ft / 1,5 m per square

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General Notes & Instructions:

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  • You can find some previews of different map variants after the download links.

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