Underground Parking Hall (40×22)

As I released the pack of vehicle tiles/tokens recently, I thought there needs to be a map that could benefit from those. So, I figured that I haven’t ever done a proper parking hall or garage map and decided to fix this issue.C2A0

An underground parking hall or garage with a small office for the staff or security personnel. The hall is divided into two levels and there are multiple points of entry and exit to make things more interesting and give more tactical options for different scenarios.C2A0

The different variants allow this map to be used in various genres from heroic space opera to post-apocalyptic survival horror.C2A0


This map comes with a total of 20 variants divided into 5 themes. All variants come in gridded and gridless versions:

  • Chrome City: includes hover cars and bikes in addition to conventional vehicles
  • Modern: includes conventional vehicles
  • Open: No vehicles and a single flat garage level
  • Ruined: Vehicle wrecks and debris
  • Space City: only hover vehicles and speeders, holographic signs in galactic alphabetC2A0

Size and Format

Available File formats: JPG, WEBP, PDF

Dimensions: 40×22 squares / 5600x3080px

Resolution: 140 pixels per square

Recommended Scale: 5ft / 1,5 m per square

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