Underneath the Barking Tree

Heya, everyone,

Hope you all had fun battling degenerate giants and frosty wyrms in the now complete Frostmist Mountains Feud!

Recently, I have been running a kind of Ravenloft-lite in a few GM-less games tying in from my previous solo pamphlet adventure Coincackler Well.C2A0

I thought it would be a nice idea to convert the finale of these Ravenloft-lite games into a new pamphlet for you all, especially since some of you messaged me if I was planning a new one in the series!

Underneath the Barking Tree features a growing fiendish presence in the nearby swamps that is causing the village dogs in a nearby settlement to behave strangely. To make matters worse, marsh goblins have been seen near a giant petrified swamp tree that once served as the lair of a werewolf cult.

While the stats used are compatible with Basic Fantasy (all books/modules available for free), it is of course a breeze to convert these to your OSR ruleset of choice.

Cheerio, and have fun,


Check it out!