WIP May Teaser! Nurma, Cavy Pirate Cook

The Cavy are based on Capybaras, which Erin really wanted to make for this release. Despite not quite going with the Australian theme of Boondaburra, they still seem like a natural addition to the crew (at least in my opinion).

The fish Erin sculpted seems way too cute to eat, in my opinion 🙁

This sculpt was started by Erin and had the textures, posing and finishing touches done by Calrais!

Nurma, Cavy Pirate Cook

Nurma is a bit of a mystery to most of the crew. She doesnE28099t talk much and has the deliberate and slow manner characteristic of the Cavy, but makes for an implacable foe. An expert with the cleaver, she uses it both for food prep and for attacking (much to the disgust of most of the crew). Even the Captain avoids getting on NurmaE28099s bad side. Despite her temper, she is an excellent cook and has a surprisingly deft hand for plating and presentation.

Check it out!