Anniversary models April 2022 and more

In April you will get:C2A0

  • 3 x Varkolak– Big models on 60mm Round or 50mm Square Bases;
  • 1st Part of Dwarf Kingdom (Ready in next few Days);
  • Welcome Pack (2 minis and over 100 Terrain and props elements);

… and:

  • Anniversary models (12 minis):

As you well know, from April 2021, every month we add one model from our previous packages from a month exactly a year ago. We plan to continue this tradition this year. At the moment, the package contains 12 models.

Models to download here:

  • Viking Warrior (New KS edition)
  • Hunter of the Mountain King
  • Shieldmaiden (New KS edition)
  • Ulfendar – Shapeshifter
  • Berzerker (New KS edition)
  • Draugr Warrior
  • Draugr Infantry
  • Viking Rider (New KS edition)
  • Villager – Blacksmith
  • Goblin Infantry
  • Goblin Archer
  • Viking Archer (New KS edition)

Discount Codes:

Last year We started the discount code system. Now we want to shed some highlight on the models available in it. We have two discount codes – for the entire range and for a selected month exactly a year ago.

Both Codes can be checked here: C2A0

Current month – 50% includes pack from April 2021:

Check it out!