Dice Heads

Hello guys!!!

This month I have the honor to make a crossover with Dice Heads! They are AMAZING artists.C2A0

C2A0You will be able to get this Eye Tyrant as a FREE mini this month!C2A0

All their models come pres-suported and tested. C2A0

If you join their Patreon you will get: C2A0

– You gain access to the HUGE Welcome Pack , containing a selection of Anthropomorphic hero miniatures, monsters and rules to the skirmish game Zoontalis Battle RoyaleC2A0

– You gain access to the latest Miniatures (STL files) before anyone else!C2A0

– You gain the privilege of voting in specialty polls deciding what miniature will be created next!C2A0

Give them some love! 3D)C2A0



Download Link (Available up until April 27th)


Check it out!