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Greetings everyone!

This month we have a cross promotion with our friends from White Werewolf Tavern. You can download the Kala the Punishing Judge 32 mm from their April Release for your collection!

White Werewolf Tavern is a creator team that makes high quality 3D miniatures for MSLA 3D printing.

Each monthly release has a minimum of 15 unique miniatures that can be used in TTRPG (32mm scale + DnD 5e style stat blocks) as well as for display piece painting (75mm scale and busts).

In the month of April, we have E28098Heavenly JusiceE28099 release (21 unique miniatures in two parts) and bonus bust set.

All of the miniatures come with in house pre-supports, where each one is test printed to ensure 100% reliability every time you print!

More rewards are waiting for you in the Welcome Chest, which includes 12 miniatures with pre-support!

We also have a Loyalty Rewards Programme, where everyone supporting us for 2 consecutive months receives an extra model that isnE28099t included in the release.

Three consecutive months will give you an Epic miniature of King Eonkar (32mm and bonus 75mm scale), which is exclusive to this reward programme and wonE28099t be available anywhere else.

Also, everyone will be able to enjoy a 40% discount in our MMF store, using code WWTONEPR.

Come visit us by our hearth at the magical White Werewolf Tavern, where every month you will meet some of the most incredible fantasy 3D miniatures that you’ve ever seen!


– Kala the Punishing Judge – White Werewolf Tavern Patreon – White Werewolf Tavern MyMiniFactory (40% off with discount code WWTRNE22)

Stay safe out there!

Sincerely yours White Werewolf Team

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