Enter the "Death Coliseum"! ~ May’22 Release Reveal

Greetings Heroes & Heroines!
Your head is ringing as you wake up in a dim lighted cell…you have no recollection of yesterdays events. Shortly your senses become clear and you hear sounds of a cheering crowd.
As turn around you see a tall armored figure.
Before you are able to act, he says sharply: “Get up Gladiator and go die for the Empress”, as handles you a weapon and shield…

May ’22 Release: “Death Coliseum”

In this release you will find a collection of Gladiator Champions, Arena Monsters, Modular Gladiator Fighters, modular Spectators, the Empress with her royal followers and the fully modular “Death Coliseum” Battle Arena & Accessories!

19+ Highly Detailed Miniatures ~ All Presupported! ~ !

  • The Empress, a tiefling ruler and mistress of the arena.
  • The Empress Guard, a towering emotionless figure.
  • The Councillor, the Empress mysterious consultant.
  • The Announcer, the public figure of the Coliseum.
  • The Jester,C2A0the royal entertainer.
  • Imperial Champion,C2A0the crowds favorite warrior with his pet lizard.
  • Coliseum Spectators,C2A0 a modular cheering crowd in various poses.
  • Modular Gladiators,C2A0male and female fighters with weapon options.
  • Bulltaur, a savage centaur like fighter.
  • Giant Gladiator, a grotesque Giant warrior.
  • Scorpicon, a captured beast that fights in the arena.
  • Displacer Beast, another arena beast, seemingly hard to hit.
  • Gladiator Heroes, 4 new contestants for the title of Arena Champion:
    – Dragon Gladiator
    – Umberhulk Gladiatrix
    – Unicorn Gladiatrix
    – Beholder Gladiator
  • Empress Bust!
  • Scenic Bases for all the Miniatures!
  • Paper Miniatures!
  • Battlemaps!
  • “Death Coliseum” D&D 5e Miniatures Lore & Stat Block .pdf!

“Death Coliseum” Modular Scenery Pieces!

  • Death Coliseum: A modular Arena diorama were the death games take place!
    With separate Gladiator and crowd entrances and playable interior!
  • Coliseum Accessories: A set of traps and obstacles that can hinder of help the competing gladiators!

~ Resin & FDM supported! ~

The Empress: Bust Version

Next month, get ready to face all the Empress Champions and become the Master of “Death Coliseum”!

What do you think for this upcoming release?
Have fun and happy printing everyone!
~ Crippled God Foundry Team ~

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