Fishing Village Battle Map – Launch

Hello Adventurers! This is my next map project, the Fishing Village! I originally wanted to create a simple encampment, but after looking for historic material I found some awesome references for Viking settlements. I went with earthen walls, a sort of palisade fence and a few thatched houses by a body of water, which could be a river estuary or ocean. This would work for a small village or homestead, a fishing outpost or a Norse style raiding settlement.

Next Maps

IE28099ll be working on the Underdark Entrance next and then the Great Machine after that. So expect the Underdark Entrance (Drow Outpost) around the end of the month.

  • Underdark Entrance (Drow Outpost) – Suggested by Caerdwyn
    I imagine some kind of bunker, hidden from view, with a place to muster troops, stage invasions, or hold captives before they are transported into the Underdark2E This should work well as an entrance to the Underdark for any campaign.
  • The Great Machine (Orrery)
    I love the way machinery looks, the cogs, chains, pistons and spinning doodads! Orreries (models of the solar system) are fascinating and IE28099d love to create a giant machine room map based on this idea. Perfect for that doomsday machine the party just has to stop!

Thank you all so much for your continued support. I love creating stuff for you, reading your messages and being a small part of your games is just awesome! I hope you have a great end of the week and as always happy adventuring! Now let’s go fishing!

Map Descriptions


You see a raised earthen wall ahead, covered in grass and crowned by a wooden palisade. An entrance is cut into the mounded earth, reinforced with planks secured by rough hemp rope. The entrance is guarded by two stoic men with long beards and cracked leathery skin.

  • Depending on your setting this could be on a coastal road or on a river estuary.
  • Windswept! It’s always windswept! This kind of settlement is not an easy place to live, so make sure to evoke that with descriptions of the harsh weather, bleak landscape and rugged inhabitants.
  • Getting into the compound could be a challenge all by itself.

The Compound

Inside the compound are four thatched wooden buildings of sturdy construction. Herbs and vegetables grow in a small garden to your right, chickens peck at the mud, while sheep graze the small patches of grass inside the earth walls. Running through the compound is a fast-moving stream, its edges reinforced with stones. Planks have been placed over it in places, making it easy to cross. The stream empties into the sea (river) to your left. Down by the water’s edge are long, well-crafted fishing boats. The smell of smoking fish permeates the air, both enticing and overpowering at the same time.

  • There could be a Forge to the left of the map, this could also work as a carpenter.
  • Livestock could be brought into the compound at night and housed in the fenced-off area to the right of the map.
  • The House with the garden could be used by a sage or wise woman.
  • The building by the water would be used as a smokehouse for preserving the catch.

Notes and Tips

  • 30×45 Grid Map
  • The village has been losing livestock to some unknown creature. They have moved the livestock inside the walls but now the creature stalks the outer walls at night. The villagers are too terrified to confront it.
  • Something is in the water! The fishermen are scared. They have seen something large and shadowy under the water as they fish. Some of the boats have not returned2E Now they have seen it just off the20shoreline and refuse to go near the water! Pick an appropriate aquatic monster for your setting and get attacking!
  • Marauders are attacking the village as your party arrives, have them attack from the water by boat. Or they could swim in at night. Or they could try to attack the walls.
  • The compound is hard to attack by land, so throw in some flying mobs for some extra fun. Harpies, Manticores, Drakes or Giant Eagles all work well. Try to pick something that fits with the theme and feel of the local setting.
  • Being such an out of the way place, the village could have some strange customs.
    • No one is allowed to stay in the village on a full moon (they are all werebears).
    • The men of the village stuff their ears with wax before going to bed. Do they tell the party why? Or do the party even notice? (A Siren lives just offshore and sings at night).
    • The villagers make grass/corn E28098dolliesE28099 each day and leave them on their doorsteps. Each night they come to life and walk down to the water. Anyone that doesnE28099t make a dolly is bewitched and walks down to the water’s edge, to be greeted by something unpleasant 😉


You get day/night versions

You also get a snow version, for that authentic Norse feel.

With both versions, you get interiors for the buildings as well!

And in case you want to do a little fishing, I’ve added the fishing boat as a cutout asset.

Check it out!