Recovering this family heirlooms is going to be a huge problem!

Traveler! This adventure is about a charismatic misfit. A homeless marauder who has earned the loyalty of others like him. throughout the years, the man has secured a handful of loyal individuals as they attempt to make their way into the criminal underworld of a large city. One day, they plundered an old and abandoned family crypt in the cemetery and decided to make it their base of operations.

The gang’s leader went through the few hiding places in the underground compound and found a strange locket inside a lavish sarcophagus. The magical locket has conferred him the powers of an apprentice mage. With this power, the gang has secured the area and gained recognition among other similar organizations. The characters come in when a wealthy descendant of those interred in the crypt comes looking for a few family heirlooms. They offer a hefty reward to those valiant enough to go down there to negotiate one way or another with the brigands to recover the heirlooms.

This is a level 2 adventure with a bit of exploration, dungeon-crawling in a re-purposed catacomb, and negotiation with a cult-like gang of misfits. Here’s a low-def preview of this illustration:

Here’s a close-up of what used to be a church-like chamber within the crypt. But now serves as the gathering room for a band of brigands and misfits.

The south side of the dungeon features a spiral-shaped columbarium with two sarcophagi at the end. Some of the missing heirlooms are in the stone enclosures. The magical locket is C2A0in the gang leader’s possession. It must be taken by force!

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