Cross Promo with RNEstudio

We have another Cross Promo this month, this time with RNEstudio! They generously shared their Mikhail (Reaping Angel) model with us. You can get the model from the Patron Download Dropbox folder – just look for the folder called “Cross Promo RNEstudio” to download it :)C2A0

Here’s their pitch for the month of April, which you can still get for another week!

PRE SUPPORTED models byC2A03DPrintingPro

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C2A0We’re professional miniature makers with more than seven years of experience, we love what we do and we want to keep learning and growing with your support.

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  5. 42 Premium scenic bases.
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  8. Special miniature at MMF at February, if you already was patreon on January.
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We have a long experience in 3d sculpt and 3d print, this made possible that we can give you the finest quality miniatures. During these years we have created miniatures for a lot of miniatures brands: CMON (Zombicide, Death May Die, Bloodborne, Project Elite, Blood Rage), Asteroid Games (Requiem), Carnevale Miniatures Game, Breaking War, Last Sword, Punkapocalyptic, Freebooter Miniatures, among others.

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