Dungeon Tiles 2

Dungeon Tiles 2 is the sequel I was eager to make for Dungeon Tiles 1 released back in late February. This is definitely my favorite tile series to date and I think it has a lot of potential to help with rapid dungeon building and customization.C2A0

As I hinted at in the original post, this 2nd set brings a lot of new goodies to the table! Everything available for download below can be summarized as follows:

  • Traps! 50+ assets for nearly all manner of traps I could think of that would necessitate a visual representation. You’ve got wall spikes, rolling boulders, pit traps, flamethrowers, electrified orbs, torture devices, all the classics.C2A0
  • Grime! An assort of 50+ spots of grease, dirt, scratches, marks, etc. for you to simply add some wear and tear in your dungeons (or elsewhere) or to indicate the presence of certain traps before they’re activated
  • Prefurnished Tiles! Following up on my experimenting with “pre-furnished” tiles and the “webbed” series from Dungeon Tiles1, we’re delivering “trapped” and “carnage” tiles this time around, both of which I think are a bit self-evident.

Dungeon Tiles 2 Assets ZIP DownloadC2A0

Dungeon Tiles 2 Prefurnished Tiles ZIP DownloadC2A0


You’ll find everything from this pack loaded as objects in Dungeondraft, available as both separate packs and already merged into Megapack 6 (version 1.1) below. This pack adheres to our latest update as well, so everything is already upscaled for you and you’ll find some fun colorable options for all of the grime as well as a dozen or so relevant trap pieces.

Dungeon Tiles 2 Dungeondraft pack (individual)C2A0

Updated Megapack 6 (includes Dungeon Tiles 2 now)C2A0

Check it out!