Monsters, carts and PDF

Hi everybody,C2A0

April release is finally complete! The monsters – the Purplewave Gecko and the Shelled Voideyes – are supported and uploaded together with the location PDF and the modular cart expansion, thematic with this month.

I tried to go for something different and evergreen for the monsters and that would fit an exotic lab working on monstrosities. The results are a large wave tailed gecko and shelled void jellyfishes: what do you think about them?

The PDF contains a small dungeon with some alchemical shenanigans as well as an adventure hook and the stats for these cute but deadly monsters. There are also a couple of easter eggs. (No spoilers!). I made some extra rendered-maps that I uploaded here just because I like them. They still show only a slight bit of the potential of this dungeon set!

In a few days I will post some wip pictures of next month release: the Goblin Cave.

It is everything for now. I wish you happy hobby time!C2A0

Check it out!